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ImageFor years I have been the sole buyer for Sweet Lily Boutique – honing in on great all natural product lines and pretty handcrafted gift items for all of us to enjoy. It’s only recently that I’ve delved into the manufacturing side with our new Sweet Lily Hand & Foot Scrub. While I’ve always had an appreciation for a good product as the end user, I now also have great admiration for the people behind the making of it too. I’m not talking about large factory manufacturing, but rather the small kind – the kind that is started between two friends in a kitchen or the curious person who crafted a never been tried before formula. Then comes the collaboration – from the graphic design, to the unique packaging, to the label. So the next time you pick up that microbrewery bottle of beer, pretty hand poured soy candle or delicious jam from your local farmers market, take a moment to reflect on all of its details and you too will notice the passion and teamwork that went into bringing that one little nicety into your world. Enjoy!