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EvergreenAmericanFlagTStainA few weeks ago my husbands beloved grandfather, Gerry Karlin, passed away.  At his funeral, an American flag was given to the family in honor of his service in the Marines.   My husband and I now posses this flag and have been toying with the idea of what to do with it–especially since we’re not really “flag people” per se’.  Over the last few weeks, this flag has triggered a conversation between us about what it means to be an American.  We started to notice how many homes wave this iconic symbol;  reminding us of the liberties American citizens have and how many people sacrifice themselves to allow us our freedom.  And, sadly, the evening news speaks volumes of the social injustices and fighting that still occurs in other places in this world.   Even at our worst, America is still the best.  So it’s in that spirit that this July 4th we decided to proudly mount that flag on our weekend house (one of our little American dreams).  Happy Birthday America and cheers to all the great people who make up this country!

Now that fall is quickly passing, all thoughts turn to the dip in the mercury, the arrival of snow and a festive holiday season.  In past years, traditional holiday polishes have focused on deep, wine colored reds, dark, tinted purples and even near blacks. But this season, Zoya has introduced a refreshing alternative… Winter Pastels…. soft, beautiful blues and grays that have the comfort of winter and the coolness of snow.  My personal favorite is Megan.  I’ve been wearing it every day on both fingers and toes and been getting compliments ever since