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onthegofootcareI’m sure many of you reading this might be just like me – super busy with work, kids and the never-ending list of errands and obligations. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s even hard for me to find the time to get a proper pedicure – I’m the real case of the shoe makers daughter!  To help with your grooming to-do-list, I thought I would share just a few at home tips that I regularly employ when I’m in between pedis but still want to look pretty.

1. For the love of beauty, remove your old chipped polish!  Nothing says “I’m in need of some TLC” like chipped polish.

2. Buff your feet!  Every few days, pull out a pumice stone, or my favorite – a Diamancel Foot Buffer #11, and buff those calluses down while in the tub or shower.  You’d be amazed at how you can nip those hard patches in the bud if you regularly scrub!

3. Exfoliate and moisturize.  Of course I swear by Sweet Lily’s signature Hand & Foot Scrub, but in a pinch, here’s a quick and easy at-home version:

  • Blend the following in a small bowl:  1/4 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 5 drops of your favorite essential oils. I prefer a blend of Peppermint, Lavender and Vanilla
  • Take a scoop of the exfoliant and in a circular motion, gently rub into the skin, paying extra attention to spaces in between toes and joints.
  • Rinse feet under warm water, then towel dry. Be amazed by your new soft and supple skin. 

4. Apply a neutral nail polish or use a 3 way buffer.  A simple neutral polish is always pretty easy to apply but if you lack a steady hand you might want to opt for a 3 way buffer. Pop into any pharmacy or beauty supply store and pick up a 3 way shine buffer. Buff nails (directions are always on the label) and your toes will be gleaming for days.


From no-chip gels, to crackle and magnetic polish… nail companies are always trying to re-invent the traditional mani / pedi for us.   This summer, we’re happily seeing a shift back to basics…but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo on the fun.  How to?  It’s all in the color….bold teals, banana yellows and pumpkin oranges.   Don’t be afraid to take a chance and pair one with a classic, floral sundress or a simple pair of khaki’s and tank top.  Let your vibrant nails be your fashion accessory this summer…and save that pricey purse for autumn! 

Here are some of my Zoya Favorites…

  • Wednesday:  Creamy Teal
  • Pippa:  Acid yellow
  • Heidi: Electric orange
  • Whitney:  Vibrant Pink
  • Charisma:  Poppy Purple

Last week my family and I vacationed at Disney World and stayed at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria in Orlando.    After days of running after my 4 year old, my nails were trashed!  So I decided to stop into the hotels Spa by Guerlain to get a quick mani before we headed to South Florida to visit the hubbys family.  Beforehand I checked out the nail area to see if their tools were properly disinfected and they explained that they employ a liquid, medical grade sterilization process.  Great!   After I sat down, the technician opened her sterilization pouch and proceeded to give me a very nice manicure…except for one thing…she used two types of buffers on my nails that were not included in the pouch.  I could see that they had been used before on god knows how many people!   This is a common flaw with many salons procedures.  Don’t assume that because your file, nippers and pushers are sterile that you can’t catch a fungus from an old buffer.   If you see the tech pull out something that’s been used before, ask them to skip that step or request a new tool.  It may not turn out to be the perfect mani or pedi, but at least you’ll go home fungus-free!

Now that fall is quickly passing, all thoughts turn to the dip in the mercury, the arrival of snow and a festive holiday season.  In past years, traditional holiday polishes have focused on deep, wine colored reds, dark, tinted purples and even near blacks. But this season, Zoya has introduced a refreshing alternative… Winter Pastels…. soft, beautiful blues and grays that have the comfort of winter and the coolness of snow.  My personal favorite is Megan.  I’ve been wearing it every day on both fingers and toes and been getting compliments ever since