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Road trip photoWith summer officially here and vacation season in full swing, Travel Expert and TV personality Kendra Thornton and I thought it would be fun to collaborate and share some tips for you and your family to stay healthy and keep in check while making your way around with the kiddos this summer.  First you’ll find mine, followed by Kendra’s.

Happy Travels!…

Healthy tips by Donna Perillo…

My family and I recently ventured on a weekend warrior road trip to Washington, DC – we thought it would be fun for our 6 year old son to visit some of the nations monuments and get an up close and personal look at the White House. All-in-all, it turned out to be a 10 hour drive (give or take a few potty breaks), but thanks to some good pre-planning we were able to navigate it free from fast food, digital devises and enjoyed some healthy family fun.

Pack a Cooler:

Load up the cooler with your favorite hummus, cheese cubes, veggie sticks and lots of water. I’m a big advocate of plastic free living so I like to re-use glass bottles filled with tap water, freeze them and then use in lieu of ice. Keeps things cold and a lot less soggy!

Bring Flip Flops:

Being obsessed with all things hand and foot, wearing socks in hotel rooms and flip-flops in showers (kids included) is a must. One the most common ways to contract a fungus or wart is in a public hotel room. Taking this simple, precautionary measure will prevent you and your family from coming home with an unwanted problem.

Ditch The Devices, Pack the Toy Shop

Remember the days of Eye Spy, the License Plate Game or Mad Libs? Leave all things that require WiFi on the kitchen counter and instead raid a toy store before you leave. Some great games to buy for those lunchtime rest stops are Old Maid, Uno, and Travel Mastermind.   Not only do they stimulate the minds of kids and adults alike, but they also help pass the time on those long stretches of highway.

At the end of the day, staying healthy at home or on the road is all about choices. My family and I really cherish our vacations and with just a little extra effort we’re able to enjoy real quality time together — with all the niceties of our healthy home!

Travel tips courtesy of Kendra Thornton….

Road trips deliver all the fun. They are fun to plan, and it’s always an adventure when you find some unique places to go to. When I’ve been out on the road, it’s always fun to indulge a little bit and try out food that I haven’t eaten before. It’s also gotten me into a lot of trouble. I know that going on road trips is supposed to allow for some indulgences, but I also want to make sure that I always stay fit because it’s so hard to work off the pounds later.

Pick the Right Hotels

There are a number of hotels out there that are choosing to provide healthy, organic meals and snacks for their guests. Their menus are great for kids as well because they have carrot sticks, apple slices and other fresh fruit in addition to veggie dishes that are really important to eat every day. I try to fill half my plate with vegetables at least once per day. It gets easier when you travel to restaurants that have tons of vegetable dishes and sides to choose from.

Can You Buffet and Diet?

There are a number of incredible buffets that I have been to on the road, but they all seem to offer those tempting rich foods that you really shouldn’t eat. I have indulged quite a few times and cried out afterwards in pain from being so full. I’ve learned to curb my appetite at buffets and only fill my plate once. I try to balance it with a lighter meal the next day that is mostly vegetables.

Drink Lots of Water

Another thing that has helped is buying a case of water and bringing it along on road trips. You can never have enough water in the car especially with kids. It’s important to hydrate, and it also makes you feel fuller.

Eat at Local Restaurants

Going to local restaurants is my favorite part of road trips. You get to experience all new ingredients, and typically they support local farms. Much of these farms are also organic and serve up a variety of dishes.

I love going on trips, and while it’s difficult to stay healthy on vacation, I know that I can do it if I plan in advance. A huge step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is booking a hotel with a great gym, mostly due to convenience. I booked a great place to stay for our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many places to stay, the research process can be a bit hectic. Finding a resource where you can get the right information is extremely important.