drinking fountainDoes anyone remember the bygone days of drinking fountains?  This week I had the pleasure of using two lovely ones –one at my son’s school and the other at my doctor’s office.   In an age where we are all conditioned to carry a water bottle, it was so refreshing (no pun intended) to conveniently walk up and take a free sip of water.   Shouldn’t we consider bringing back the drinking fountain as a cultural norm?  Personally, I would love nothing more than to leave my bulky Life Factory glass water bottle at home .  I wouldn’t have to schlep it around town and fear running out of water mid-day too –something that inevitably happens.   I think the first order of business for the new Mayor of NYC should be to bring back the fountain!  There are already 150 of the them scattered throughout Central Park and wouldn’t they be the perfect match to all those Citi Bikes!