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Next week begins National Fire Prevention and Awareness Week (Oct 7 – 13th).   I cannot stress enough how important it is to become of aware of this issue.  My personal eye opener happened a few years back when my family suffered a house fire.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but in a matter of minutes the entire house was gone. In big cities we are lucky to have buildings equip with life saving sprinkler systems coupled with fire departments that respond quickly.  In suburban areas, however, fire departments are mostly volunteer.  Which means it takes some time for them to get the call, mobilize and get to your home.  It’s for that reason that families need to have a very well thought out home escape plan and if you are doing any renovations or building a new home, you should consider putting in a residential sprinkler system.  We did and believe it or not, it costs less than a new driveway or your kitchen appliances.  The peace of mind, however, is priceless.  For more info on how to protect yourself from a home fire, proper escape plans and how to properly maintain your smoke detectors, visit this website.