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Have you ever had a sandwich that looks good but tastes terrible?  Or a cookie that sounds delicious but doesn’t quite satisfy your cravings?  What is that missing ingredient!?  Simple,  it’s L.O.V.E.  Our wonderful neighbors across the street, at what is now cutely named Cafe Clementine (formerly Columbine), seem to procure all their delicacies with much care and affection.  It’s the special attention that the sole-owner Barbara and her staff give when selecting their breads, anti-biotic free chicken and rich chocolates that keeps us coming back for more.  This is very apparent as we watch devotees line up along West Broadway on damp, rainy days just to get some of their home-cooked soup.  If you haven’t tried Cafe Clementine’s food, it’s a TriBeCa must!  And the next time you’re out and about, take the time to seek out small, privately owned cafes and specialty shops…Trust me, you’ll taste the difference!