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Last week my family and I vacationed at Disney World and stayed at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria in Orlando.    After days of running after my 4 year old, my nails were trashed!  So I decided to stop into the hotels Spa by Guerlain to get a quick mani before we headed to South Florida to visit the hubbys family.  Beforehand I checked out the nail area to see if their tools were properly disinfected and they explained that they employ a liquid, medical grade sterilization process.  Great!   After I sat down, the technician opened her sterilization pouch and proceeded to give me a very nice manicure…except for one thing…she used two types of buffers on my nails that were not included in the pouch.  I could see that they had been used before on god knows how many people!   This is a common flaw with many salons procedures.  Don’t assume that because your file, nippers and pushers are sterile that you can’t catch a fungus from an old buffer.   If you see the tech pull out something that’s been used before, ask them to skip that step or request a new tool.  It may not turn out to be the perfect mani or pedi, but at least you’ll go home fungus-free!